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Southern Downs Queensland

Cremation only Killarney is more affordable than you think. If you have enquired about an affordable funeral in the past and been shocked at the cost, please get in touch with Rest. A direct cremation or unattended cremation as it is sometimes known is no less respectful and is just as dignified as any other funeral. We know because it is what Mum wanted and is the reason why we started this Southern Downs business.

Killarney residents might choose this option for a number of reasons but it should be known that just because a funeral is cheap, doesn't mean it is cheap. The team from Rest would be happy to talk with you about a cremation only or any other kind of funeral you may have in mind.

Typically, a cremation only will include;

  • our professional fee
  • Daisybox casket
  • transport
  • cremation
  • return of the ashes
  • all paperwork
  • one official death certificate

Where are unattended cremations held?

Unattended cremations are held at Warrill Park Crematorium approximately one and a quarter hours from Warwick. Ashes are usually ready within 2-3 days and the team from Rest will either arrange delivery by Registered Australia Post or personally deliver.


Link to Warrill Park Crematorium


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Cremation Only Killarney